Who is Vance Malone?

Vance was born in the smallest town, in the smallest county, in the smallest state in the nation. He eventually left the expanses of Wyoming for a media degree in Portland, a city he would call home for the next decade, cutting his teeth in production with a gung-ho, pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality. Working the camera for Nike, Adidas, Goodwill and regional clients, Vance honed his signature aesthetic, with performance at its bedrock.

Vance Malone - Director
Vance Malone


From there it was onto LA and larger narrative-based filmmaking. A slew of coups soon followed: a Clio for MTV’s “Permission,” a Cannes Lion for AdCouncil’s “Cheerleader,” and a Green Award of Excellence in Communication for directing Subaru. More recently his Sundance film, “The Poodle Trainer” received awards from AFI/Silverdocs, Cinema Eye, Worldwide Shortsfest, Gen Art and more before getting licensed by PBS.

The Raucous family was a natural fit for Vance’s workman-like attitude and obsession with details. “Unlike other art forms, film deals with time and space in a linear fashion. With images, picture, sound design, performance, lighting... every detail is crafted to make you feel a particular way. Whether it’s empathy, surprise, shock or love, what we are doing is making people feel something,” said Malone in a recent conversation.

EP/Owner of Raucous Content Phyllis Koenig echoed that sentiment, “Vance embodies the true nature of a Renaissance craftsman. He’s someone who’s spent most of his life immersed in this child-like dream we all share of making movies, and he’s really been on the physical production side since the beginning. It comes through in his work… along with the way he collaborates and treats people. We’re thrilled to be working with him.”

When he’s not tapping into universal cinematic themes, Vance can be found making artisanal homemade jerkies of all flavors or riding into remote sunsets on his motorcycle.

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Multi festival favorite, the Poodle Trainer received a special Jury award from AFI/Silverdocs, "for a film that packs humor and tragedy into a subtle and perfectly paced 7 minutes."

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